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Steve Rogers

Why not combine a lot of the 125cc shifter classes into just a few classes? Right now it looks like we’ve got

1. Formula 125 Ltd Heavy

2. Sprint Stock 125

3. Super Stock CR125

4. Formula 125 Ltd

5. Super Stock CR125 Heavy

6. Formula 125

7. W/C Sprint Stock 125

8. W/C Super Stock CR125

just glancing at the points sheet from a recent race in the Pacific NW. I’m not very familiar with the CR125 kart classes yet and don’t know the difference but do we really need 8 classes for the same engine? To my untrained eye the only significant difference I ever saw apart from weight was some had a big fairing and some had a normal fairing. Are there other prohibitively expensive differences between the classes that would make some racers stop racing if their particular class was dropped or merged with another?