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Arie Ouimet

It would be great to see an entry level class grow in the Northeast program. I have not driven an LO206 but I have driven a world formula and it would be a blast with 20 guys out there. I’m not sure on the speed difference between the two but as far as cost goes nothing beats it. Sure you may be able to get into a Yamaha for similar cost, but you’ll be stuck trying to tune it right while a world formula will be making laps and laps and laps. I’m all for it.


One issue I could see arising, is drumming up new customers. If I owned a kart, rotax or Leopard, I would not want to drive a slower kart, there would be no fun factor for me, personally. It would be in the hands of the local kart shops to market these things, at every age range, find a way to get people in the kart for a test drive and it’ll sell itself.


Two thumbs up!