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Sebastian Sarmiento

Hey guys,

Reporting back with the latest news! LOL.. Yesterday I kept coming back to the garage until 11pm. I just couldn’t stop thinking about what was wrong. I did what Walt said, choke the carb 100% with my hand and it sucked the fuel lightning fast and dumped a chunk of fuel in my hand!. It did a couple of explosions  :) and I took my hand off and the fuel stop circulating again :( and the engine was dry again. Tried to start it several times and back to beginning , I could see a little bubble in the fuel line that wasn’t moving at all.

This morning I took the kart to Cambrian Go Karts (local shop)Donald the owner said the compression seemed weak, but He wasn’t sure, in all this he checks the throttle cable and the carb was 1/8 open without touching the pedal. He said the engine would never start like that (I’m wonder how it started three times before), closed it up, fired it up and it started right up while I was scratching my head like the newbie I’m. (hey, at least I installed the carb kit right, lol)

He also said that because the engine was left with fluids for a long time without being used probably the piston/ring are full of gunk and it creates friction inside the cylinder and that dragging could mislead to think the problem is poor compression, in that case a cleaning would do it.

He’ll do a leak and compression test he said, after that, check the cylinder, ring, piston depending on results. Life is good fellows!. I smell a bill coming but at least tonight I’m not having nightmares with  carb kit!!.

I really want to thank you all, you guys are awesome and your help and support means a lot.

Thanks again!.

I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )