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Jim White

Like Walt said. If the pulse hole is not blocked by the gasket on either side of the reed block and the pumper side is of the carb is right it should pump fuel. If you had the carb gasket or reed cage out it’s pretty easy to put the gasket on and backwards and block the hole. Been there done that. The hole were talking about is a small 1/16″ or so hole. The gaskets have a matching hole and so does the base of the carb. Start there.

To choke it take the air cleaner off. Cover the mouth of the carb with your palm. Have someone crank it over and watch the fuel lines. It may take a little bit to pump up. Your hand should get wet with fuel to the point of flooding the engine. If you get no fuel with it choked there are few options, blocked fuel pick up or line, air leak somewhere (but I’d think it’s still going to pump up something being choked), carb inlet needle is not opening or the diaphragms are installed wrong.

While the carb is of you can easily pull the reed cage to inspect them too.

All this is based on the fact that you have compression. No compression and you get little if any pulse to the carb fuel pump.