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Benn Herr

I hope more of these kinds of events can work out.

They will take some getting used to. Fitting the usual class structure into the schedule will probably need some adjustments but nothing that can’t be figured out.

Harder to do may be getting the event officials used to how karters operate. Most car groups are used to having the cars all lined up with the drivers belted in and the engine idling. When the track is ready the wave the cars out. Karts are the opposite. When the track is ready, you start up and go – no waiting around! The car guys we run with are used to it now and give us an estimate to when the track will be ready. We usually start up at a two minute warning.

They also may be concerned on how close the karts run to each other. Corvette and Porsche guys don’t draft like we do! It will probably help that the group you’re with is a racing organization, they’ll be more understanding.

The karters will need to make some adjustments too. Groups like these run to a schedule. When you slot comes up, it’s time to go. If you’ve run at some of the Laguna Seca events with the professional run series you know what it’s like.

One thing you might look at is timing every session (if their scoring people can do it). That way, if somebody can’t make the Qual session you still have a representative time for their grid spot. We just take their best lap time from any of the three Practice/Qualifying sessions and use it for our lineup. The scoring software does it automatically.

Like I said, I hope this will work out, long track karting is what I love.

P.S. I never considered us to be a “faction” – it sounds so evil!