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John Matthews

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You realize the Yamaha you took off that kart in the link is the same one in my SA Yamaha thread. I guess LO206 means local option 206cc, a sealed animal short block with a mild cam? I did some reading and it seems the LO206 is slightly faster than a box stock project 196cc clone. Probably what you’d have to do is run one in the RWYB unlimited class at E’Town and hope people see what fun it is and want to build a second kart. If you get 5 guys they’ll make a new class for you. Gif


Hi Gif.

Great to see that old Yami have a new life!!!! Are they running stock appearing piston ports on a sprint track near you or is it just for fun? I can remember when we had open  and SA at most races, it was a blast wondering what the builders would come up with for the next race….

As far as running the LO206 I’ve found many clubs are happy to run them with the clones. Yes they are a little faster but it’s pretty easy to score the groups separately and more racers on track = more fun ;)

I think as time goes along you’ll see more clone programs switching to LO206 because it really offers what the original intention of BSP was, just take it out of the box and run it. I wish there were more folks like us out there who were willing to take the time to build engines up but for many folks it seems like just having the time to get out to the track is about all they can muster.