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Richard Stokes

If you are a road course kart driver, you do not want this motor.  I melted the clutch in just a few laps.  I was told a new after market clutch was on its way. Been a month.

Also the motor mount system does not work on CRG frames as claimed. I had to build my own.

I received email from factory tech telling me it was my fault the clutch melted and that the new one will as well if I “do not respect the motor”. “I am using a motor intended for sprint tracks and gearing for speed will only melt the clutch easier”.

So with little or no parts available in country; lack of gearing for road tracks, and the need to baby the motor on wall start or standing start races, this is not a good choice for road track racing.

No reflection on Brad or engines4racing as they seem to be lacking in the true (1.5 to 3 mile) road racing experience.