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Robert Horvath

Ocono Bob talking again.
Let explain a little  about my Telemetry unit just a little more.
It is two completely separate units both with there own rechargeable battery packs.
You can use just one or the other or both.
It will be a nicely finished product ..Not sold though me but by the Tillotson Carb Racing division at a cost at about $500.00 USD for each unit.
The unit will be designed to be relatively quickly removable on race day after the engine is all dialed in for the day.
It takes about 4 minutes to transfer the Telemetry feed back unit from Kart to Kart using just two tie wraps.
The GPS speedometer is built right in —The RPM is by magnetic induction on the plug wire and the engine temperature > Coolant and EGT by the same Aim / Mychron probes and yellow two pin quick connectors we presently use now.
The mixture servo control unit is also a fully self contained unit taking at the most 20 minutes to remove and replace on race day after practice.
I made the unit just for myself because we have a team >Me a pretty good engine tuner and my pretty  great driver. A retired pro guy. He did open wheels cars,410 Sprint cars, Nascar cars and on and on.
PS > He also owned a major Big Car Track here in the USA
So the system can be legal in any class…You just remove it to race legally.
I’ll probably just used the feed back portion of it after we get the Kart pretty well set up early in the season to be “on the edge”
This below is my personal info:
Ocono Bob

Robert Horvath       at
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