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Sebastian Sarmiento

Yes Jerry , you are right, I’ve seen chest protection described as mandatory for 5-12 years old. Never as mandatory for adults, but I wanted to check the “real Experiences” of seasoned drivers to get the info from the source.

Regarding what Michael is saying I heard great things about the K1 Carbon Fiber rib vest, but the more I research I realize that 80% of people recommend Ribtech. there’s to be a good reason for it …..

Now Michael opened another door, protection is about the neck brace, what neck brace you guys recommend?. Should I opened another topic for that to leave it as a guide for other novices needing the info?

I’ve seen the 360 plus device, the EVS R4, sparco anatomic 2012 and many others, any recommendations on that?

Thanks again to all of you!

I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )