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Craig Butt

Having had an ICC for several years, Once I learned how to 1. drive it, 2 maintain it and ultimately learned that I can’t keep up to it. I traded my Vortex RVS for a Rotax Max.

Put that on the shifter chassis with front brakes and 365 pounds. Not fast off the line but once going I can probably keep up in the cones. Will I ever trophy @ NATS? Heck no that ship has sailed for me 20 years ago. Can I still have fun on big courses heck yea.

Craig if you are looking to include your Hopped up ICC because it is cheap and you have one puts you in a class of one. Just as I am with my rotax cone smasher. Don’t believe the top of the KM field is running old obsolete karts or only getting only 4 minutes of seat time per month.

As much as I despise Honda products I have to admit the rule set for KM Honda motors is a great package and makes more power than stock SKUSA Honda.

Thanks for the input. I have no illusions about some of the national level stuff. I worked the program pretty hard locally for three years, upgraded chassis, engines, etc. I read all the information on set ups, tried different tires and got the package better. I too have never been a Honda fan, nor wanted the “spec package” that everyone else ran. I LIKE the 6″ wheel rule. I just think the idea of the Mod ICC (which is not legal by today’s rules) would be a lot of fun and MAY open up some more interest to others in the class. Sorry, but I’m not a National’s guy – for the money, I would rather invest in track time for the car – but I still like running the kart at the local track when I can!