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Steve O’Hara


In my era of running the Pro Mazda series we had fields of 30 plus cars and ran with the ACRL and sometimes with Trans Am at venues like Laguna Seca, Sears Point (Infineon), Portland, Seattle, Phoenix. There were never any spectators to speak of beyond the families, friends and sponsors of the race teams. On a few occasions the Pro Atlantic series was also part of the event and there were still no spectators.

All of my Pro Atlantic racing was in the era when we were a support race for CART, F1 or IMSA so there were crowds but I don’t think the Atlantics would have drawn spectators anywhere except Trois-Rivières, Quebec where the Atlantics are revered.

Harsh reality… Americans are just not open wheel race fans like the Canadians or the Europeans so these forms of racing that we love will never be big draws. I don’t care… I go to race and never cared if anyone was watching!

Steve O’Hara

BTW, All the funny code in Roberts post is gone now and the text is easily readable. Robert, did you do something to fix that or is it something that cleared up on its own?