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Dan Davis

That’s a pretty accurate inclination there Chris ;-) ……In fact, I need all the freebies I can get to even hit a couple races throughout any given season but this kind of stuff is just about as much fun for me as piddling about behind the wheel.

Yep, I plan on using Yamabond between boot and adapter as well as the bolt heads.  The boot is a Mikuni/Kimpex 07-105-01 which are common on snowmobiles and cost as little as $10 delivered.   If I were to use Aluminum in the future, I could eliminate the nut pockets on the inside and just tap the holes.

Next up, build fixture to deck couple of cylinder heads, cut o-ring grooves, and comb. chambers on a CNC machining center……luckily I have a buddy that sells those things and has one in his showroom to demo at the moment…..that equals free rent and maintenance for him on one of my CIK125’s for a couple of events. ;-)