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Daniel Wendel

1) There are many of us who will NEVER make minimum weight in KM

2) This engine family is not growing, homologations are expiring, parts are getting more expensive and rare (for some older motors)

3) ICC motors are not winning anywhere


1) Karting is not for big people, just a fact. I was 215lbs before this season, I am down to 185lbs now, just by eating right. So it is possible depending on how serious you are.

2) What?? KZ2&KZ2 is very popular across the pond. You have many new engines to chose from TM KZ10b, Maxter, Vortex, IAME, and more.
How is this different than using a Mod Moto which was popular in the sprint world how many years ago?

3) I am shaking my head at this… Last year at nationals was my first nationals and I just got into karting. The first time I drove one was in April. Now the first day of nationals I was sitting in 11th place, which was the “lower HP” friendly course.  The second day was a complete disaster for me due to a clutch failure. Basically I had a FM car, not to mention how hung over I was, which is my fault. I guarantee you if you put Paul Russell in a KZ kart he would still win. To say they are not winning because they have KZ engine is moronic.

Curious to see what a modified KZ can make power wise. Not sure if any more power than what a legal KZ can make is worth it in an autocross. The power band of the KZ engines are already narrow and peaky. Modding with out adding PI would make it even more narrow of a power band. Which is not what you want in an autocross.

I say NO to this.