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Robert Lawson

I had a 86 TRX 250 engine a bunch of years back and looked into this.

At the time I was using DDR to do my RS 125 stuff and he said it would make a great engine……with a bit of updating.

“Updating” is a nice word for “Credit Card number please….” ;)

Needed certain model CR cylinder, aft market ign./head/pipe/reeds/cage….etc., etc…..

It’s a package……it’s always a package!!!!!

Yes, the counter shaft and 6 speeds was nice but the engine was very heavy. For the $$$$ and work, your better off with the CR dude.

Never did the mods but we did run it twice, on a laydown at Grattan and Gingerman. The guy driving it was just 150lbs, it was quite a handful. He never drove it again!!!!! :)

Just put 2 – CR 250’s on that thing man!!!!!!