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Robert Horvath


As you can see.

I’m a Karter, engineer, inventor,innovator …But…not a writer.

I re-wrote it a bit and added a few more photos to further clear up what I’m trying to say here.

One more thing.

After I make post like re-installing the kick starter back on the engine everyone tells me “That just won’t work Horvath” but they never tell me why it won’t work ? Must be just an old “Wives Tail” ?

We all have been using the KickStart for a few years now with absolutely  no trouble at all ?

They say what’s wrong with just pushing it to start.

That can get very tiring after a few times….What if you spin and stall out on the “back forty” that can be a long walk back.

With the Kick back on you just re-start yourself and finish the race!

A snapshot below of # 92 Shifter Kart at the Wi. Rod & Custom show and me Bob Horvath (the old guy in the photo) and my grandson Myles Beck.

PS   That’s just a mannequin in the kart itself.

 photo DSCN7193-1.jpg


Ocono Bob