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Steve O’Hara


54 years in karting and you still haven’t discovered that karting is not a spectator sport???

Not trying to be rude here or burst your bubble but karting is a PARTICIPANT sport, it has never been and will never be a spectator sport in any meaningful way. Growth will never be driven by adding devices that cost more than the entire cost of the karts raced by a large percentage of the participants across this country. The Supernationals is a great event but it means virtually nothing to 99.9% of the people that enjoy racing or driving a kart in the USA. Those grandstands you showed are filled mostly with the family, friends and sponsors of the racers on the track. Ticket sales will never be a significant factor in the economics of karting at the level where the majority spend their time and money in the sport.

Adding sophisticated expensive new equipment is not going to increase the participation or spectator appeal. It only interests gearheads like you and me and a small handful of others who spend their time dreaming up new ways to go faster.

That being said, your device is a neat invention and I hope you have fun developing it and learn some useful information about the effects of fuel delivery on performance.

Now before you blast me for not knowing what I’m talking about, just know that I have been involved in karting for 47 years and have eight Duffies and a couple of Lou Borelli Awards gathering dust in my office. All earned before I went off to race cars in the Pro Formula Mazda and Pro Atlantic series… which are also NOT spectator sports. Based on my experience in the professional ranks I can tell you that if not for being slotted in as a support race at many CART or F1 events, no one would come to watch and the TV coverage is bought by the series sponsors. Like the top level karting events, Pro racing in the open wheel series just a step below Indy cars is revered by the people involved but virtually unknown to the rest of society. Anyone that can’t accept that reality is going to be perpetually disappointed.

If you really want to see karting grow the emphasis must be at the grass roots level to make the sport more accessible and less expensive. Best example I have seen is what Stu Hayner and his F100 Karting organization have achieved in the last few years. People having fun competing in a friendly and supportive environment at a very reasonable cost.


Steve O’Hara