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Greg Nelson

Oh boy, can’t what for the FIA’s lastest spec class to start. The 2014 F-100 litre fuel load championships!!!! Hopefully it will be just as disappointing as Rush was.

Can’t wait for the 2017 F-1 square meter solar panel season!

No wonder historic racing is so much more interesting.

I ask for 5 things in this world:

World peace, joy, equality and understanding between all nations, races, cultures and religions

Trucks that are trucks, not 12 airbag leather lined luxury land yachts and without trunk lids. Build me a 2014 version of a ’56 F100

Go kart classes that are fun and totally affordable to be competitive with a $100 tool set from Sears, $5 of pas 89 octane and a set of tires a year and completely cheater proof

Clean air, water, nutritious food, weather proof shelter and environmentally clean living for all

and finally….

F-1 to have these simple rules to establish two things: find out who is the best driver and who can put together the best car.: 13″ wheel rim diameter, 3 liter displacement reciprocal piston motors of any configuration (V8, flat 12, H-16, V-10, what ever you want), self starting (absolutely no computer connections or other outside assistance unless the car won’t start in the pits, they can push start), 600 kilo empty weight, manual gear change, 10 people total in the pits (9 mechanics and manager) + the driver.

Yeah yeah, I know, dream on……world peace, food and shelter, like yeah, right, ……real trucks, simple formula rules, I know, what a fool.