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Robert Horvath

Bob Horvath here,

About the expense thing.

I do truly believe that in all types of racing we should have at lease one unlimited class where almost anything goes ( like “Top Fuel” in drag racing and “Formula 1” in road racing ) and cost is the last thing on there mind . only winning .. you have to do this  to stimulate new innovations. From day one racing has always been like this… you must allow new innovations for the sport to progress …not stifle it with too many rules in a book…you can see I’m pretty adamant abut this subject. The general public likes to see very fast and competitive racing…not worrying about the cost. I think to have Go karting survive as we now know it …not only do we have to get more Karts on the track but more importantly > More people in the grandstands. Look at the Super Nats. In Vegas.  When they bring out the Shifters..A big crowd gathers and those are expensive machines and people love them.

You can’t survive without an audience.  NASCAR would be nothing without people in the stands and I think  $1,000.00 for what the Telemetry unit does is in line with the rest of the sports cost. If we continue to “Dumb Down” karts nobody will attend as a spectator. We need more then just the relatives in the stands and I started in this sport with Bob Howard in the late 50s so I know a little something about the sport.

Walt > 54 years karting experience for me.

Or To cut the cost in half.  Just use just the engines telemetry monitoring back to the pits  part of the system in real time for the tuner.

Below > A photo taken when the Shifters are on the track !

Ocono Bob