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Ian Harrison

Hi Brian

I would think you should have 50 Hp at present if your not exceeding 9,500. (You can see above that we have 56Hp at 9,500rpm).

The limiting factors will be compression ratio (too high?), ignition (Too much advance above 9,750 rpm) and pipe (depending on the rpm range and exhaust duration that it’s designed for)

I do have your mail. I should get to it tomorrow . . . . . Bloody hectic!!

Apologies to the people who are waiting for product, exhausts, heads, ignitions, etc. I expect to be fully caught up by the end of next week and thank you for your patience. This time of the year is always madness.

The new engine has taken over my life for the last 6 months, . . . . but we are getting there.


Best Regards