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Ted Hamilton

I just bought a kart with the same syndrome, only my previous owner used XL seat so it’s a little more understandable. Anyhow, I’ll be fabricating a replacement and having it welded to the stubs that remain (they’re about 1″ long, so enough to use.) Seems if the Italians have done the R&D to know where to place ’em, I’m not going to 2nd guess ’em. That said, I’m guessing that it would be hard to really tell the difference provided that same degree of flex and stability was attained with the new setup. Leverage point would be different, but it may be simpler to just leave the revised setup… Good luck either way! Mine’s an ’05 Extreme Chassis by Righetti Ridolfi and I’m hoping I can find pics of the right side strut so I can copy it. My guess is that it’s like the left strut, but we’ll see.

2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100