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Troy Berry

When I was racing a Tag a few years back, I found the Ribtech Carbon Deep seat was the way to go for me. A little harder to get in and out of, and I even added some Tillet style 1/2 padding to snug it up a little more. I am tall and skinny, so I was always sliding around and coming down on the edge of the traditional style seats and tearing up ribs. (we have a blind 90 deg drop off corner on our track)Once I got the Ribtech I was good to go, the seat would hold me firm in the corners with no slipping around. I found my arms and legs were able to relax once I got a seat that held me in place.  It completely revolutionized my ability to drive and be comfortable in the kart.

I never had heel bars on my Arrow, but I made a set for my son’s cadet Topkart. As we were talking about them yesterday, he told be he likes them because he can brace his heels on them in the corners, transfering the leverage up his leg against the butt of the seat. Keen observation from a 10 year old! Must be why they are standard on all the newest chassis.

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