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Chris Reinhardt

Let Ian update you, but I remember him talking about the after market ignitions didn’t work well, I believe it was because the stator assemble had a wacky voltage….  Then they bolted on the earlier stator assembly, but the timing had to be offset because the stator plate was timed differently on the two motors.  Then I believe he was swapping the guts from one and putting on the case reed stator plate, so the timing was all good.  At some point he was using some sort of regulator/filter to tame the stator voltage, I’m not sure if that’s what he ended up with or not.

Bottom line, nobody makes a direct fit after market CDI box for the case reed, at least nothing that works…

BTW Ignition timing is probably why your hitting a wall..  Try retarding the ignition as far as it will go, and see if the top end improves…


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