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John Matthews

Hi Ron,

I’m gonna bet it’s just as reliable as the Leopard starter ;)

Reality is,  in sprint racing IMHO once you stall there’s very little reason to restart during a race. If you, or your kid is having trouble with spinning and stalling all you really need to do is turn up the throttle stop so your idle is higher. Pretty soon the smoothness will kick in and you’ll turn it back down and just blip the throttle like you see everyone else doing on the grid.

Of course none of this addresses starting the thing when you’re by yourself at the track. I’ve seen guys with starters on little stands that line up with the starter nut so they can reach around and start themselves.

The real solution though is to switch to World Formula if you want a good sportsman class engine with electric start and you’re not going to move up to TaG. The lap times are about the same and costs are comparable or less.