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John Matthews

I guess my question is do the engine manufacturers even have such a system? I know they exist at the F1 level but they have much larger budgets than most kart teams.

My dyno is old and home built without any automation or data logging at all so I’m definitely out of my league when it comes to programmable/automated load simulator deals. I just have a big knob you crank down until you get to the max load whatever engine you’re testing will handle. With experience I can set timing and carbs pretty close to optimum but without having the actual air that my customers will be using on any given day at the track it’s never gonna be perfect. I personally view the dyno as my tool to make sure the work I do is having the desired result (I mostly build 4-cycle open motors), and that it’s not going to break first time out.

I understand racing is about getting the absolute most from every element but it seems like there is a point of diminishing returns when it comes to tuning on any dyno. Perhaps a less sophisticated system would get you 98% of what you are looking for and you could spend the other $50k on testing at the track?