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Oscar Aguilera

slow in….means that the tactical side of racing in that particular corner sees no advantage to going in balls out to that corner…because the arc of that single corner puts you in an exit…that is the wrong position to be in to take the next corner effectively to maximize speed coming out.

slow out means that tactically….it is almost a blocking situation because of the design of the track.  better to brake late to defend or go in as fast as possible and maybe scrub off more speed than necessary so as to defend or be able to set up for the next straight or corner.

if you go slow in or slow out all the time….your just slow…but sometimes you need to be more tactical in your driving so as to maximize your position on the track.  and that is the “magic”….knowing when to do this…when not too…and how many times you can be aggressive before cooking the tires…and then you have to ask yourself if the race you entered allows new tires for the final…or you have been on the same tires and tire wear is an issue.


plus the track changes…its more predictable in ashpalt racing…but it changes, so if you cant stay ahead of the track conditions and you have no on board tuning gadgets you need to read the track…PLUS as things heat up…and wear during the race…you will have to adjust your lines.

you are ALWAYS trying to maximize your lap…duh…but the computer can only map out one lap and one corner at a time with all the variables you input…the variables change with every lap and with other competitiors on the track.  this is for the computer needs that think there is one formula you can plug in and viola…answer spits out like in those cheesy 60’s movies.


AND you set your kart to come in late…or sometimes in the middle of the race…or sometimes in the begining….the strategy of where you start.

hope i answered your question without dwelling into the tuning of the kart so much…because the tuning is a major part of the equation…can make or break you…it isnt the only part of the equation.