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Robbie Nelson

I ran into a problem last night.  The bolt that holds the clutch on only seems to catch one turn worth of thread.  What gives?

Note:  I’m installing with the sprocket inboard.

To make sure I’m installing it right, here’s my install steps:
– Flip clutch pack (remove clip; remove inner cartridge; remove screws; flip clutch pack; reassemble)
– install radius washer with radius inboard
– install clutch w/ sprocket inboard
– install flat washer
– install bellville washer w/ hump outboard
– install bolt

I never tightened the bolt, because I felt like it would strip the first thread of the bolt or crank.

I’ve asked about this on the Briggs forum.  But I thought I’d ask here in case anyone else has similar experience and for future reference.

Robbie Nelson