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Welcome to the sport

The guys here are right, very often you will find good advise and help here, as it is a family oriented sport.

It is very important for you to figure out what class you wanna run, or the level of racing you wanna compete in.

If you just wanna be the weekend warrior, get some track time at the local track at a club level, then any decent, not too abused chassis will do.

But if you wanna stay competitive at the national level, then you will need a new chassis

It all depends on what you wanna do, and how much your budget is

The other big factor is: Have you ever driven a shifter kart before? or have any karting experience? They are very brutal to drive and unforgiving at times, some times you loose control and spin out before you even know it ( reaction times are really fast )

Please give us a little more info, so that we can help

I sent you a PM. Good luck, Freddy.