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Eric Alexander

Just putting this out there:  the thing that makes Mooresville work so well is the 40-plus garages they have rented out.  Kart owners store and work on the karts there, and this make a great environment for consession karters to come to.  There’s always a racing kart lapping there and I find the guys who rent the consession karts really like watching those.

Like mentioned above, MMX runs 10 minute sessions, alternating between rentals and racing karts when both are looking for track time.  When there’s no consession karts, the track is open to kart owners.

Having the garages there makes things very convenient for kart owners and there’s always a kart owner or two there.  At tracks I’ve visited without garages – when I’ve had to transport my karts there –  I’ve typically been the only kart on track.  IMHO, having this type of day in and day out activity is the backbone for a successful track.  It brings new karters in, exposes them to racing karts, and creates a community around the drivers at the track.