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Stu Hayner


There’s not much that goes wrong with the KPV engine package. F100 ( F100karters.com ) uses them and we have very little problems that aren’t mechanic enduced

I’d recommend using MS98 fuel and Burris castor or blend (16:1), unless your club requires different.

If you run the old or new style clutch, have a spare drive gear (or two) in your box.

I also recommend having a spare header avail. They seem to last forever, but once in a blue moon they will crack at the flange that will leave you stranded. If it does break, put your spare on and get the other one welded at your convenience. New spare…

Always check under the pumper cover for debris that can clog the screen and carry a carb rebuild kit.

If there’s any other questions, please give me a shout.

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