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Bill Boxell

Bill, Can’t argue with the AIM SmartyCam. A great choice. But with some extra work, you could use a MyChron and a GoPro Camera. For software you’ll need RaceStudio and at least Race Render. If your pc is running less the Window7, Race Render will only be able to create a Windows version of the output. If you need to create versions of your video for a Mac, MPEG format, I used Media Conveter 8. The nice feature of Media Converter 8 is that it can create videos that can be played on any device, ie smart phones, iphones, tabelets, what ever. Race Render has a free trail version that’s good for making a short video. If you already have a MyChron and a GoPro, you could download the free version and play with it. What you are going to find is that it takes a bit of patience in syncing the video and the data. That something you wouldn’t have to worry about with the SmartyCam. Race Render allows you to use either one of their gauge templates or you can create your own. You’ll need a GPS receiver if you want the track map if your using Race Render with a GoPro.


With the GoPro (or whatever camara)/RaceRender setup it takes a little patience to sync the data with the video, it takes a lot of patience waiting for the video file to be generated (rendered).  If your wanting to see the video later this setup works fine. If you want to be able to watch it as an event is going on, you need to get a SmartyCam.