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Todd Olcott

I regret to inform everyone that this will not happen because of insurance requirements.  Evidently, the insurance required is event specific at Spring Mtn whereas at other tracks the sanctioning body runs at, the track insurance covers karts.  The facility at Spring Mtn evidently does not carry it.

Thanks for all the emails and phone calls I got about this.  Hopefully with more notice in the future, we can pull this off.  This is one of those tracks that is SUPER smooth.  I have been on most of it in a kart and it is like glass.  I will try again soon and with maybe more notice, we can visit the insurance problem sooner to make this happen.  I want to run there more than anything.  It has eluded us for about 7 years.

Sorry to get everyone’s hopes up.  I had high hopes for this to happen and as previously mentioned I would never post here unless I thought we could pull it off.

–Todd Olcott