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Sebastian Sarmiento

Hi Tim,

You must be one of the very few people who knows this!!! thanks!!. On the other hand, like you mentioned before, I think the seller misrepresented it!, what I guy… The frame is metallic silver so I’m guessing is older than what I thought. I finally figure out how to post pics and I will right after this.

Thanks again Tim. I have another question, do this karts came originally with a torsion/ stabilizing bar or it a personal add on?. It has marks like it had one in the past.

Regarding parts, can I use any CRG parts or it has to be CRG/PTK?. It may be a dummy question, but I’m trying to figure out all this brand, fitment, mm’s thing.

Thank you so much for clarifying this!!

I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )