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Tim Pappas

If it is truly a 2007, then it was built by Tonykart.

1999-2001 PTK’s were built by Mike Wilson.  They were either blue or clear powdercoat and had Brembo brakes.  Not sure on the components, but probably SKM.

2002-2004 PTK’s were built by CRG. They were metalic silver.  The early ones had Brembo brakes and the later ones had CRG brakes.  All other components were CRG. The frames were different design than the CRG model line.

2005-2008 PTK’s were built by Tonykart.  They were red and used all TK components.  The frames were the same as the TK line.

I see the years misrepresented on PTK’s all the time based on the seller trying to make it sound newer, but with the limited number of years of production from each manufacturer, its pretty easy to narrow it down.  It sounds like you might have a first generation kart.  I wouldn’t worry about any of them.  All the manufacturers did a  great job producing PTK chassis and you should still be able to find parts with the above info.