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Sebastian Sarmiento

Hi Larry, thanks for the info. I’ll definitively check it out, I’m not ready to race with anybody at the moment, but I’m sure I can learn a lot from those guys (if they make room for a newbie like me).

Regarding the CRG/ PTK thing, I’m still trying to figure that one out. As I explained at the beginning of this topic, some people claim they have a tony kart/PTK, some say a CRG/PTK. The guy I bought it from told me it is not a CRG, just a pure PTK made by an Italian factory (he told me the name, But I don’t remember) that makes karts for many other brands, like Energy, etc.

He also mentioned that many of these PTK parts are interchangeable with other karts, at a difference of CRG that sometimes you can’t use nothing but CRG parts, and He used the example of a 45mm axle. BS?. I don’t know.

Thanks again!

I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )