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Robert Lawson

Gotta be a record of some kind, posted this on Monday and I have just 2 spots remaining! Anytime you can get 25 individuals to do ANYTHING in a week its good stuff!!!!!

Of course not all on the pre-list are paid yet. I expect at least a couple of these to punk out on me so I’ll start a list of alternates.

Checks started arriving as early as Monday from the locals. When they arrive I add them to the official “paid” list. Have heard from many that the check is in the air and to expect it on date X. Have also heard “I’m in” but no mention of Puffy getting his $$$ back, so we’ll see who actually makes the list and who does not.

No discrimination here, I’ll leave my Brother at home if he doesn’t get that $$$ over here this week!

JW’s famous line rings true: “Nothing says I’m IN like a check!”.

Don’t miss out because it’s 12 weeks away and “you have plenty of time”.

It’s first pay, first play at Puffy’s place!!!!!!!!

Brutis, you have my addy. Get’ er done Boss!