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Sebastian Sarmiento

Thanks to both of you for you help and inputs.

I ended up buying it for 2400, but besides the kart being in perfect condition (it was only used for two track days), the engine top end being just re-done with zero hs. the guy gave me a brand new axle, two extra seats, another set of tires with magnesium rims, 3 brake pads kits and the best part, a box full of OEM Honda parts in sealed boxes and bags, with pistons, rings, pins, gaskets, three new chains, like 12 new sprockets, throttle cables, and all the fluids he was using, everything is good enough to re-do the top end at least three times with $0!.

The kart also has a Mychron 3 and he gave me a receiver with a stand to check my lap times (The kart has a sensor on the nose cone). It also has a lil display where it shows how many hs you have ran on the engine. It has been safety pinned throughout and also safety wired.

I hope it’s at least a decent deal. The only thing is that he doesn’t remember what year the engine is. It looks super clean, is there any way to find out what years is it with the engine #?

I’ve been trying to post pics but I can’t figure out how. Sorry.

I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )