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Robert Lawson


If it’s a HAPPY family of 25 sharing a beautiful 70 degree day it will be perfect!

I did guarantee Mr. Bernier it will NOT snow and we’ll get at least 68 and sun. No, I’m not a Meteorologist but lets be honest, any of us can be as accurate!!!! Personally I’ve been very fortunate when setting up these tests that none have been canceled, shortened or rescheduled……knock wood!

In my ramblings I forgot to invite any DKC officials (uh hmmm, Gene, Jerry, Chuck) to come out and (criticize my driving) check the scoring loop and grounds (free lunch) before they host the National a month later. :)

Love those guys (bloody karting family) because they are just like us!!!!!!!!

This thing is filling quickly, I have 9 spots remaining and have not contacted most of the local Mafia here in town. Don’t get caught napping!