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Rob Kozakowski

My comments on your general statement:

1.  I partially agree about what you say about sprint karts.  I’ll break your statement into 2 parts…

a) You certainly need “jacking” or weight transfer to help unload the inside rear.  Most any sprint kart should inherently have some ability to create some (enough?) “jacking” to get you around a corner, even if not entirely efficiently.  So I agree with this part – that you need jacking to “lift (unload might be more semantically correct) the inside rear”.

b) But, I don’t know that I’d quite say you use weight jacking to “control the removal of and application of weight to the rear tires”.  The “jacking” doesn’t really CONTROL anything, per se – it just ensures that the inside rear lifts or unloads.  What CONTROLS the amount and rate of lift / unloading are all of the numerous tuning factors (amount of camber, castor, toe, ackerman, frame, axle, hubs, wheels, etc…), in combination with the driver’s inputs.  The combo of tuning and driving is what dictates whether the “jacking” that is inherent in the design of the kart, is done efficiently and effectively or not.

2.  I won’t pretend to know much about LTO karts.  That said, I still don’t know that I’d agree with your choice of words when you say that the jacking CONTROLS things – just like a sprint kart, I’m inclined to say that the tuning and driver inputs are what CONTROL things.

Maybe it’s just semantics, but I don’t know how jacking “controls” anything.