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TJ Koyen

I don’t mean to bump and ancient conversation but I have been struggling with this same situation and found this all very valuable. Jim Russell’s comment above is great. I moved from a tillet seat to a ribtect and then took my kart and my seat to my local shop and had them install it for me on some scales so that I knew a legit pro shop. This helped a lot as the shop set my seat up with more “lean back” and I prefer the ribtect seat. One thing that I think has helped me is adding footrests/heal cups. This allows me to brace myself in long sweeping turns a bit more by pushing myself back into my seat with my outside foot and allows me to relax my hands a bit and be more sensitive to what the kart is doing. can a kart seat be too tight in regards to it not allowing the kart chassis to flex properly? my seat is tight and I like it that way but it is a very tight fit

Heelrests are a good point. Many manufacturers are making these standard equipment now because of the benefits you’ve mentioned Shaun. Posture is incredibly important in a kart and anything that can keep you more stable in the kart will help keep the kart’s handling more consistent.

Regarding seats being too tight, there shouldn’t be any affect on chassis flex from how tight your seat is on your body. You want the seat pretty snug so that you get the most direct connection between your body and the chassis and get the best possible weight transfer.

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