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Mike Wood

My WF motor arrives next week and I’ve got two chassis to choose between. ~2000 Top Kart w/ modified crossmember (since I have  a clone on it right now) with 30mm tubes and 40mm axle or a GP7 w/ front brakes, 50mm axle. I am 175lb and looking to use it for both the NorCal WF series (many are tight-ish sprint tracks) and the upcoming 4hr endurance race.

I know the Top Kart works OK but it lacks certain adjustments (castor/camber) of the GP but is obviously far more flexible and a bit smaller. Plus with no front brakes I can narrow it up more than the GP7. I’ve got a new 15deg Burris intl mount which would fit either chassis. The Top Kart clone is using a BMI right now but I would use the Burris.

I’m still a novice so wondering if it would even make a noticeable difference with my driving skills(!)

I’ve looked for a newer used chassis but there’s not much around without paying >$2500. For that I think I’d step up for a new iKart or something.

I am also wondering if I could get some Sniper camber/castor adjustments to fit the old kart. I did add 3-stud axles to it so it’s not spindle mounted wheels in there too.



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