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Chris Reinhardt

Agreed, aircraft paint stripper would probably kill a regular guy. Should only be used by someone from Jersey. Although burning paint off would be my last resort, you won’t change anything about the metal with a hand held propane torch. Gif

I bet to differ…  A hand held propane torch can generate a flame of over 3000f,  it takes about 1/2 that to completely anneal 4130..  The whole chassis is a spring, the last thing you want to do is change the spring rate, and especially not unevenly…

Look through your FAA books, I’m sure there’s an exact procedures for annealing 4130 when tig welded to prevent stress cracking….  And I’m sure the heat is hotter, but that’s to completely anneal the area, and I would be sure how change would happen with less heat, but I would want to find out….

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