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Walt Gifford

Here’s a tool I use to spot face electrical connections. It’s a wire brush with a pilot. Great for getting corrosion off the aluminum coil mount.

Ok Here for all time is how you set up a KT100 ignition. First put the flywheel on with the factory key installed. (Note the spot faced bolt holes.)

Now here’s the trick. Get the bonded paper cover off a Pitt catalog and cut two strips. The two together should measure .021″.

Put the two strips around the flywheel. Push the coil in tight and tighten the bolts, top one first. That’s it, done.

I put some heat shrink and spiral wrap on the plug wire where it touches things and wrap the TCI wire with electrical tape where it goes through the clip.

I’m working on a TCI mount for the back of my seat but I need to get some good ground wire. Never had a problem mounting it on the engine though.

I’ll set the engine aside for now while I work on the stock appearing carb.


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