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Chris Vera

Sorry i never got back to the thread, I got busy and forgot where i put this thread lol.


Chris, Agree with comments above. Rotax engine is very reliable and is a great package for a beginner. The “rebuilds” mentioned above are about right – 20hrs for top end, 40hrs for bottom end. Like any racing engine, maintenance and proper care is the key. I recommend Motul oil I have used for several years and NEVER had an on track engine failure with the Rotax. BTW: I am selling a CRG/Rotax package complete turn key ready to race. I also have a spare Rotax with New Radiator, pipe, WIring harness, Airbox, carb etc….for sale. Send me a PM me if interested. I take very good care of my equipment and have seals and passports for both engines. Glen

Nice, sounds good thanks for the info

Hi Chris, Rotax suggests 50 hour rebuild intervals. This is reasonable to insure reliability. For club racers I suggest a top end at the 15-20 hour mark and a lower end rebuild at the next due top end (another 15-20 hours). The engines are quite stout. I’ve seen some come through the shop with 80+ hours and no maintenance. Not advisable but it can be done. I have seen very few let go at the 40 hour mark, but it does happen. You will enjoy your Rotax kart. Try to learn what you can mechanically and don’t be afraid to ask questions at the track! JG

Thanks for the info and yea i will definitely ask around at the track.

Depends who you ask. 10 people 10 answers….
For club level racer 20-25 hours piston and 40-50 hours on full rebuild. Some guys even at club level go 10 piston and 20 full rebuild.

That can be true depends on the person and the amount of racing.