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Robert Lawson

Listen, I’m just poking fun Bobby.

Brian made a statement at the track about “bigger displacement” and I should of asked questions then. It sounded as though he was joking and I didn’t want to look like an idiot. I had no idea this was a common occurrence with a few of the B-Stk karts. It’s completely legal, never questioned that.

I was not suggesting any wrong doing…..other than the scoring issue. With Race Cast available through out practice day, and we were watching it, finding your place in the Q is easy and super handy. And, in this case, now being aware of the rules for each class on different days, a little misleading.

It’s obvious there was an electronic gremlin of some kind involving the kart/transponder in question. No harm – No foul. I do not race for points so it really isn’t an issue……except for my ego. Which is now recovering nicely! :)

I commend these guys for finding a way to keep their class of kart active. B-Stk karts are anything but cheap to maintain. Adding a second pair (or more) of engines (and clutches, pipes, etc.) for a specific formula shows they are committed to the class.

Well aware of what the HUB boys are doing. We eyeballed Craig doing what we thought was testing for Daytona on helmet cam from MIS in September. Just happy to have them back, in any form. The HUB brand is iconic to us lifers. My Pops had many tight races with Neil and Jerry back in the day. Straight up good guys!

I’ll move on now….