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John Matthews

If you like full bumpers you should probably race indoor karts, they never flip over do they?

I personally am sick of living in a world where everything is designed to try and keep the stupidest person out there from hurting themselves. If you want racing to be safe then stay home and watch it on TV.  Statistically speaking you’re much more likely to get hurt or killed driving to the track, it’s a lot more dangerous than racing….

I’ve been at the track twice when drivers have lost their lives (not karts) and I lost an employee/friend in 2012 driving rally. It hurts like hell but you know they understood the risks before strapping in and starting the engine. You also know they died doing something they absolutely love.

Just about the only benefit of getting old is having experiences to base your judgement on. I started racing karts in 1977. We raced in jeans and tennis shoes, or motorcycle leathers if you could afford them. We had no side pods, nose cones, full width rear bumpers, rib protectors, neck braces, or a lot of other stuff people now think is necessary to go kart racing.

Karts are not any safer now than they were back then, just heavier and more expensive. It’s the drivers that make racing safe or dangerous. I can vividly remember back when I was 14 sitting on the grid in the second row thinking about how I would pass at the first corner, then looking down at my feet sticking out over the bumper. You can bet I tried to pass clean ;)