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John Gay

No problem Freddy, I’m trying to figure this out before it gets too close to the race season.

I forgot to mention that the 2 sets of rear wheels I removed had been on the those karts since our last race in October.  All together, 11 of the 12 nuts came off after only a few seconds of having the impact on them (not too bad of removal time), but that impact gun couldn’t break loose last one so I had to use my normal breaker bar to remove it.

Our team ran 3 karts in 1 class last year, and tire changing by hand was killing our efficiency and ability to make other changes between heats.  Now this year we are going ot have a 4th kart running in the team so we need an impact that can break wheel nuts loose quickly and then drive them back on.  Final torquing of the wheel lugs will be done with a torque wrench- but that’s a tq value we’re still looking for.   Bill, to what tq are you tightening them to?