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I was just about to post the same question, cool, you beat me to it

I wondered the same thing, and last week I had the Mac tools guy all excited to sell me a cordless impact 3/8 gun

So I took the first choice he had and stepped out of the truck to try it on 3 of my go karts ( front and rear tires) Now all the wheel nuts were done by me, by hand from the previous race we went to

Anyhow, to my surprise the gun could not undo the nuts, on any of the three karts, front or rear tires

So I came back into the Tool truck to pick up the 2nd option, which was a much more expensive, and more heavy duty, and of course could not take the nuts off!!!!!!

So I told the guy I can’t buy any of these guns, as they won’t do me any good at the pitts

Both impact guns I tried had fully charged batteries, and brand new, I am a regular customer from some of these Snap on, and Mac Tool truck, and I was fortunate to test them before purchasing, so I’m glad I did.


Can some body chime in here and let us know what kind of battery powered impact gun is the one to go with?

Thanks in advance, and thank you John for posting this