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John Matthews

Hi Nate,

Best of luck with your kart racing, Gold Cup is a good series and you’ll learn a lot competing with folks from all over your region.

As for moving up, when I had folks come in my shop with dreams of their kids moving up in motorsports I would tell them to go to the music store and buy an electric guitar. You have a way better chance of becoming a rock star than a professional race driver. Not to be mean, it’s just that there aren’t that many jobs driving for pro teams and many of them are taken by folks who can afford to pay their own way. If you fit into that category you would already know it and wouldn’t be asking on here.

That said my best advice to you is study hard, stay in school, and get yourself a really good professional career. You’ll probably love racing long after your folks aren’t paying the bills and unless you have a decent income you’ll be watching from the stands.