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Larry Andrews

I have heard many race directors say in drivers meeting no bumping but most of them choose not to see it when it happens.

I’ve been in exactly one series where the race director had the guts to enforce this rule and you know what?  We didn’t try to hit each other.  Amazing.

Sounds more and more like changing the karts isn’t going to change anything because the wrong problem is being addressed.

I’ve considered and walked away from quite a few series where it was obvious that the first case above was to be expected.  I need to go to work on Monday and won’t waste my time anywhere that doesn’t consider that to be a reasonable expectation.  Obviously racing is dangerous and things can and will happen – but excuses and laziness are no substitute for real leadership.

Disagree strongly with ‘danger teaches you to drive’ as the whole point of racing is to be ruthless.  When a drivers’ success depends on ‘do whatever it takes to win’ then it’s clear that the only real path to a reasonable degree of safety comes from the leadership of the race officials.