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Ian Harrison

Hi Jim

We tried the Hoosiers on both 5 and 6″ wide fronts on our Andersion Maverick chassis. (We are the Hoosiers distributors in the UK from 1st Jan 2014)

We were also very interested to read their recommendation regarding running the fronts on 6″ wide rims, so we tested them with one of our drivers on an Anderson Maverick chassis.

Personal choice of course, but he much preferred the feel and feedback when mounted on the 5″ wide rims and his lap times reflected that.

The “overhang” that Chris mentions is actually less than with the 5.5″ Dunlops (as you would expect being 0.5″ narrower).

Anyway, please see the attached picture with the Hoosiers mounted on 6″ wide rim (left) and 5″ wide rim (right). I hope the info helps. I would certainly give it a go, before lashing out on wheels. Dean Martin also runs the Hoosiers on a Maverick, so it might be worth asking his opinion.

Oh, incidentally we ran the rears on 8″ wides with bead screws on the back and front of the rim. We ran bead screws front and back of the rims on the 6″ wide fronts, but without bead screws on the 5″ wide fronts, just as we do with the Dunlops. The Hoosiers are a much stiffer carcase than the Dunlops, so require a bit more physical effort to fit!

We were extremely pleased with the results and they were comparable grip to the Dunlop DES, but with improved durability. We are running/selling the R60A which Hoosier have CIK homologated for use in UK/Europe.

Best Regards

 Ian :-)

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